Project Collaboration

  • TB Spirits Group

    TB Spirits Group

    Projectplace helps TB Spirits Group save 1,300 man hours a year

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  • eBook: Everyone is a Project Manager

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  • Infographic: 5 Reasons Teams Fail

  • H-Hotels


    H-Hotels AG Improves Project Work with Projectplace

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  • More on Project Collaboration from our Blog

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  • 2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Executive Insight

    2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Executive Insight

    The 2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Executive Insight shows that organizations at a high level of capacity planning maturity reduce time-to-market risks by 16%. Learn more!

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  • Troux and Planview Enterprise Integration

    Troux and Planview Enterprise Integration

    Learn how an integrative EA and PMO solution maps capability and technology management to portfolio and resource management, creating a consolidated planning and management environment.

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  • Mentor Graphics

    Mentor Graphics

    Download this case study to see why one company chose Projectplace by Planview, improving project communication, task management, and team organization for 437 users dispersed around the globe.

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  • Basware


    Learn how Basware has increased delivery speed, improved internal efficiency by eliminating process silos, found a better way to manage and track tasks, and reduced revenue leakage by 75% per month!

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  • Planview Enterprise Integration with Projectplace

    Planview Enterprise Integration with Projectplace

    Learn how integrating resources and work will help you manage a hybrid portfolio of traditional projects with ad-hoc tasks and provide teams the means to plan, manage and work efficiently and happily.

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  • Florida Virtual Campus

    Florida Virtual Campus

    Learn how Projectplace by Planview enabled Florida Virtual School to manage projects, people and portfolio during a two-phase website update and rebranding process.

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  • Network World: Projectplace

    Network World: Projectplace

    Is email your organization's top collaboration hurdle? Do you have trouble making project information available to team members? Find out why you'll want to use Projectplace for your next big project!

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  • eBook: The Chaos Theory

    eBook: The Chaos Theory

    One in three PMs say they can't complete their work during working hours; over 50% say their employer expects more from them every year. Download this project manager attitudes study to learn more!

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  • Projectplace for Your Enterprise

    Projectplace for Your Enterprise

    Learn about Projectplace, a smart collaboration solution that brings teams together to improve collaboration and get things done, providing everything teams need to succeed, no matter where they work.

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  • Your Guide to Kanban

    Your Guide to Kanban

    Project management kanban boards allow even geographically dispersed teams to visualize work and absorb large amounts of information quickly, with instant clarity to even the most complex projects.

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  • 7 Project Management Tips for Projectplace Users

    7 Project Management Tips for Projectplace Users

    Download this whitepaper on 7 Project Management Tips to learn how you and your colleagues can manage deadline stress, plan projects well, and get the most out of your project management software.

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