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Data sheet Planview Enterprise One Accelerate strategic execution enterprise-wide across all work and resources Savvy business leaders aspire to confidently drive change that advances their strategic objectives, but constrained resources and bottom-line pressures often cause mismatched plans and operations. The result is people not focused on the right work, money misspent, time wasted, and lost opportunities. Creating the complex, interconnected products and services that move your business forward requires continually assessing and evolving your business capabilities while directing an unprecedented level of coordination between strategy, work, people, technology, and outcomes. Planview ® Enterprise One is the first strategic execution solution that operationalizes your strategy enterprise-wide across all work, resources, and the products and services you must deliver. Integrate Strategy, Planning, Execution, and Delivery with Planview Enterprise One To help bring your strategy to life, fuel innovation, and drive digital transformation, Planview Enterprise One orchestrates all work and resources dynamically through integrated portfolios across projects, programs, people, products, technology, and capabilities, all within a common user experience. Enterprise One facilitates: • Strategy: Translate strategy on an organization-wide, cross-functional scale with roadmaps and financials • Demand: Collect and evaluate demand across the enterprise from unstructured ideas to formal requests, all in one place • Planning: Plan portfolios, optimize resources – people, money, technology – and advance business capabilities to operationalize the strategic roadmap • Execution: Manage and execute all types of work; efficiently and effectively leverage resources and technology • Outcomes: Coordinate delivery and benefits realized from the products, services, and other outcomes that achieve strategic objectives • Team Collaboration: Bring teams together to get things done, no matter where they work • Analytics and Reporting: Make informed decisions every step of the way and provide C-level performance visibility and governance DEMAND DEMAND Ideas Features Requests Capacity Planning Technology Portfolios Resource Mgmt Iterative Work Application Portfolios Forecast and Actuals EXECUTION OUTCOMES PLANNING PLANNING Strategic Planning Project Portfolios Innovation Mgmt Capability Alignment Capability Planning ANALYTICS AND REPORTING STRATEGY Governance and Standards Performance Mgmt Modeling Impact Analysis Financials and Scenarios Programs and Roadmaps Projects Projects and Work Technology Products Services Applications TEAM COLLABORATION

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