CSM Bakery

June 16, 2015

"The not-so-secret ingredient to our success in overhauling our business process to reduce average time-to-market by 70% was implementing Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management." -Claudette Cress, Senior Project Manager, CSM Bakery

Need to reduce time-to-market? Download this project and resource management case study to learn how CSM Bakery accelerated its business processes to commercialize products from 150 days to 45 days. See how project portfolio management gives CSM Bakery a systematic way to:

  • Give upper management reliable data on which to base its decisions
  • Score prioritization of projects to reduce workloads and the number of projects in the funnel
  • Automate Stage-Gate processes to establish goals linked to the timeline
  • Define clear accountabilities and responsibilities, cutting red tape and empowering teams
  • Encourage partnership communication with the customer and include R&D early in the process
  • Capture disparate data into a centralized location accessible to all stakeholders
  • Include customer approval of prototypes for improved customer satisfaction
  • Share customized reports, track probability of success and cost
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