Improving Portfolio Decision Making: Marrying PPM Best Practice Processes and Technology to Drive ROI

August 3, 2015 Planview

"We used to manage portfolios on spreadsheets, but it was painful to aggregate and extremely difficult to do capacity planning." -Manager of Quality Management, R&D, and Legal Applications, Medical Device Company

"When we implemented our process in a system we found people were doing it differently and used our system to finalize on one process." -Ian McKenna, IT Business Partner, Infineum

"In a previous company, we cut millions of dollars of projects...immediately and had a huge multi-million dollar return in 6 months." -Don Kingsberry, Enterprise PMO, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Product Portfolio Management is a process and a discipline. Getting it implemented effectively on an enterprise-wide basis, however, requires the right software enablers. Unfortunately, many companies are stuck managing PPM with complex spreadsheets that have evolved over time, are difficult to maintain, and provide limited value.

In today's unsure economy, no organization can afford to waste resources. Download this PDF to get recommendations on marrying PPM best practice processes and technology to drive ROI to improve portfolio decision-making.

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