Essential Considerations for Chartering a Corporate PMO

September 15, 2015 Planview

The corporate PMO continues to evolve in response to the shifting needs and complexities of modern business. With this evolution comes added considerations associated with PMO formation and operation. 

The PMO offers significant potential to enable the organization to be more responsive, adaptable, and efficient. However, it is important that those with a direct stake in the PMO have a common understanding of what it is intended to do, and how it will function as an integral component of the overall management structure. Failure to establish a mutual understanding of these elements before the PMO is initiated almost always leads to downstream issues and conflicts that unnecessarily jeopardize and complicate PMO success. 

Developing a formal PMO charter also encourages the interaction needed between key stakeholders and leaders to refine and document the many considerations that go into PMO development and operation, as well as provide a method to effectively communicate its role to all parts of the organization. 

This free Chartering a Corporate PMO white paper will guide you through some primary considerations for PMO formation and provide an outline for creating an effective PMO charter. Download it today!

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